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Our Story

Phoenix Cannabis Company is a family owned tier 3 marijuana producer processor deeply rooted in Pacific Northwest culture.  We are one of the first companies in Washington State to receive a producer/processor license, and have been growing ever since. Our operation is based on organic farming methods simply because we believe they produce a higher quality product, and for the health and safety of our family and yours.   We suppose you could say that we are “Green about our Green”.  We grow, process and package all of our own products.  We DO NOT source materials from other companies and use our own trim to make our oil extracts which are then in turn made into our edible products, wax and shatter.

All pesticides used at our facility are certified organic and OMRI listed. That being said, we strongly believe in keeping the amount of pesticides used to a minimum and are only applied when absolutely necessary. We also believe in the use of beneficial bugs and beneficial bacteria that is found in nature and is healthy to the human body. Organic farming has long had the reputation of better quality products, but it’s not just that it tastes better, it’s better for you. Everything we produce is sun grown. While we use supplemental lighting, especially in the winter months, all of our plants receive the full spectrum of the sun throughout the changing seasons. This ensures we see the full capabilities of each strain throughout each environmental change thus selecting only the best flowers to be brought forward each season.
The use of agrochemicals or fertilizers disrupts the natural soil biology and forces plants to adapt to chemicals in order to process, or digest, food. This adaptation doesn’t allow for the natural and complete production of terpenes and flavanoids, molecules primarily responsible for desirable odors and tastes.
Phoenix Cannabis Company, LLC d/b/a Silica Phoenix recognizes that our reputation is one of our most valuable assets and is founded largely on the behavior of the people who represent us. Our employees perform their jobs in a safe, responsible and effective manner at all times and obey the laws and comply with the regulatory environment of this industry.

We believe everyone should be able to do what they love and love what they do. Our passion is for cannabis and growing some of the most amazing marijuana buds ever cultivated.


Phoenix Cannabis Company – Olympia, WA