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Edibles are one of the highest demand products on the market.  Through sourcing the highest quality European chocolate and focusing on making extremely pure food grade extract we have raised the bar on what marijuana chocolate can be. The firm snap, and display of flavors, all blanketed by the richness of high end chocolate make these the perfect treat anytime of day.  We bring luxury chocolate to the masses!  Our chocolatiers are constantly working to create your next favorite flavor.  Check back often to see what we have come up with.

All of our edibles are GLUTEN FREE.



 Singles, 5- packs, 10-packs – 10 mg each serving




Dope Dough

5-packs, 10 packs – 10 mg per serving

Birthed from the desire for a fast acting, great tasting cannabis treat, Dope Dough has changed the game on how people utilize cannabis edibles. By providing both sucrose and lipid content in a quickly dissolvable soft treat, Dope Dough metabolizes quicker than nearly every other cannabis edible on the market. Our low residual, activated BHO is engineered in our food grade lab to maximize effectiveness while limiting the time it takes your body to process the cannabinoids. Once we had the science down, we brought in our flavor experts to concoct profiles that would appeal to a wide range of people; from the grandma’s who love a sweet treat to ultra-marathoners. Available in Chocolate, Vanilla Butternut, Orange Creamsicle, and now, Cake Batter!

Perfect for bagging summits or bagging up left overs, bring along Dope Dough as your go-to quick release cannabis edible. Ask for them at your favorite I-502 retailer.





Singles, 5-packs, 10-packs.  10 mg per serving

Our BHO capsules are infused with activated marijuana extract created with medical grade N-Butane (BHO) using a closed-loop extraction process.



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