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Concentrates are Sticky Ricky’s specialty

Available in .5 and 1 gram packages

For the health conscious dabber  our STICKY-RICKY’s Shatter and Wax offer some of the lowest residuals on the market.  We use a closed loop system that allows us to rinse the butane for a very specific time, leaving as little butane residue as possible when we move the extract into our vac purge ovens. Our ovens create a true vacuum and keep a consistent temperature that allows nearly all  remaining butane to escape, producing a very clean end product.  Our products consistently top the charts with some of the highest THC%  available.  We also offer high CBD Phoenix Oil, a 24:1 ACDC (Charlotte’s Web).  Ask your local retailer!


Look for Sticky-Ricky concentrates at any of these RETAILERS.

Phoenix Cannabis Company – Olympia, WA

Phoenix Cannabis Company Sticky-Ricky Marijuana concentrates- Olympia, WA